Psychometric Reporting for Valid and Reliable Assessments

Deliver more effective assessments with intuitive reporting tools to improve exam and item quality.

Clear, actionable data insights and easy-to-understand psychometric reports empower certifying and licensing bodies to deliver effective exams with consistent results. Psychometrics from ExamSoft help test designers and administrators make informed decisions to validate exam reliability, consistency, and quality.

With ExamSoft’s digital testing platform, organizations can run their own psychometric reports to save the costs to hire a professional psychometrician and make adjustments for future exams efficiently with a centralized item bank.

Psychometrics at a Glance

Learn how your organization can leverage psychometrics to improve test validity and reliability.

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How Can Psychometrics Improve Assessments for Credentialing?

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Ensure item reliability and consistency

assessintegrity(g) 175x175

Gain a data-rich evaluation of any exam

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Maintain quality of high-stakes exams


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Contextualize findings with multiple data points

Psychometric Measurements to Support Effective Licensure and Certification Exams

  • Item Difficulty Index (p-value)

    • Determines difficulty of individual exam items to identify mastery questions
    • Compares the number of correct answers to the total number of answers
    • Lower p-values correspond to more difficult items
  • Upper and Lower Difficulty Indexes

    • Upper values (upper 27%) provide the difficulty index for high performers on the exam
    • Lower values (lower 27%) provide the difficulty index for low performers on the exam
    • Helps determine exam item reliability when used with item difficulty and discrimination indexes
  • Discrimination Index

    • Compares upper and lower discrimination indexes to determine fairness of individual items
    • Higher values identify items that are better at discriminating exam-taker recall
    • Helps identify items with a negative discrimination index for removal or revision
  • Point Bi-Serial Correlation Coefficient

    • Measures the correlation between a candidate’s response on a given item and their overall exam performance
    • Determines whether candidates with high overall exam performance answered a given item correctly
    • Helps identify if exam items are within the appropriate scope/subject of the exam
  • Kuder-Richardson Formula 20 (KR-20)

    • Provides insight into overall performance and quality of a given exam
    • Determines if item difficulty and performance is consistent throughout the exam
    • Helps staff maintain the appropriate KR-20 score for high-stakes exams

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