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Case Study

RESP-FIT – Australian Institute of Occupational Hygienists

In early 2020, RESP-FIT began its search for a digital assessment solution to serve candidates across Australia seeking accreditation for respirator fit testing. The program selected ExamSoft to centralize management ...

Why Certification and Licensing Bodies Need Digital Assessment

Why More People Are Getting Certifications and How Digital Assessment Can Help

During uncertain times, organizations must rethink how they reskill and upskill their workforces, and professionals must determine how to cost-effectively adapt to fast-changing business conditions. Both employers and...

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Navigating Psychometrics with Computer-Based Testing

Webinar: Navigating Psychometrics with Computer-Based Testing In this webinar we explore the complexity of exam item and assessment analysis as it relates to psychometrics. The webinar will also review best practices ...


Psychometrics at a Glance

Psychometrics at a Glance Infographic 


ExamSoft for Certification

Creating and administering secure certification or licensure exams is a significant undertaking. And many organizations do it well. But when the global pandemic forced an unanticipated pivot to online or remote exams,...

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eBook: Credentialing and Digital Assessment with ExamSoft

A digital solution for assessment can help certifying and licensing bodies solve pandemic-related challenges while continuing to uphold the value of the credentials their exams provide. In addition, adopting a digital...

Case Study

Robert Malinowski, Veterinary Specialty Exams

ExamSoft for Vet Med Specialty Certification Exams Dr. Robert Malinowski, a Michigan State University alumnus and faculty member, has coupled his veterinary medicine knowledge with deep experience in educational techn...

computer based testing

Is Your Exam a Good Candidate for Computer-Based Testing?

Digital transformation has long been on the horizon for testing providers and certification entities, but the global pandemic has hastened planning for the digital future. As evaluators navigate terra incognita in the...

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How Data Can Help Licensing and Certification Programs

Credentials like certifications and licenses not only give applicants a leg up when applying for a job, they are sometimes necessary to work in a particular field. There are hundreds of licenses and certifications, ma...