Unparalleled Exam Security for Credentialing

Secure, offline testing to preserve the integrity of your licensing and the valuable credential your exam provides.

ExamSoft’s digital assessment platform allows certifying and licensing bodies to deliver secure assessments to candidates — both on-site and remote — without the need for a persistent WiFi connection.

With ExamSoft’s top security tools, organizations can deter virtually all forms of academic dishonesty and minimize the need for expensive live proctoring/invigilation. Confidently evaluate exam and item quality with performance data that accurately reflects candidate competency.

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ExamSoft’s Key Security Benefits for Credentialing

Completely Locking Down Exam-Taker Devices

Only ExamSoft protects exam integrity without the need for WiFi, blocking all internet access while an exam is open. Nothing else on the device can be accessed until the exam is completed, providing superior security over standard and locked down web browsers.

Protecting Exam Items from Replication

Screenshot capabilities are blocked on exam-taker devices, preventing electronic capture of test questions and making it significantly harder for candidates to cheat.

Randomizing Questions and Answers

Automatically randomizing questions and answers prevents exam-takers from memorizing and sharing answers by question number or answer position, ensuring questions are protected for use on future exams.

Expanded Solutions with Remote Proctoring/Invigilation

Advanced technology combined with human review identifies potential academic dishonesty and deters cheating during both in-person and remote exams, without need for a live proctor or one-on-one invigilation.

Our two-step identity verification system eliminates exam-taker impersonation for large-scale, in-person exams and remote exams.

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Identify academic dishonesty and deter cheating in testing centers and remote exam settings without the need for an in-person proctor or one-on-one invigilation.

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