Verify Exam-Taker Identity for Credentialing and Event Exams

Digitally verify the identity of each candidate, from any location, to save time and minimize cost

Preventing exam-taker impersonation is a part of protecting exam integrity. Unfortunately, traditional identity verification systems are often inadequate and inefficient when administering large-scale or remote exams.

ExamID is an advanced digital security tool that makes the entire identity authentication process faster, easier, and more reliable for certifying and licensing bodies. ExamID is the ideal solution for both on-site testing and remote exams, quickly verifying the identity of candidates — no matter the size of the exam session.

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Two-step authentication process requires a  username/password and face matching analysis

Detects any exam-taker identification anomalies and provides documented evidence for administrator review

Administer exams anywhere, without sacrificing exam integrity, and cut the time and cost of manual verification


Two-Step Authentication

ExamID uses a two-step authentication process—username/password and face matching analysis—making candidate impersonation virtually impossible.

Exam-Taker Control

Candidates set their own baseline image prior to exam day, allowing them to be in control of the photo to which they are compared before the test begins.

Streamline Large-Scale Exams

Eliminate the need for extra staff and make large-scale exams fast, efficient, and more secure. ExamID removes the laborious process of candidate check-in traditionally required to verify identification for large-scale exams, while significantly reducing the possibility for human error.

Administer Remote Exams Securely

For exams administered remotely, security options typically include a live remote proctor/invigilator, which drives up costs for the institution and feels invasive to exam-takers, or testing centers that are both expensive and impractical. ExamID’s two-step authentication process offers added security with facial verification technology, making sure the right candidates take the right exams — no matter where they test.

ExamID + ExamMonitor = End-to-End Remote Exam Security

ExamID can be combined with ExamMonitor for a holistic remote exam security solution that provides an efficient alternative to live proctoring and invigilation. With ExamMonitor, testing integrity is protected with a technology-enabled proctoring/invigilation service that records all video and audio as well as screen activity throughout an exam.

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Core Platform

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Gain Data-Driven Performance Insights.

Access Intuitive Psychometric Reports.

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Advanced Remote Proctoring

Deliver Secure, Remote Exams.

Enable Technology-Driven Proctoring.

Review Flagged Exam Sessions.

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Accelerate Mastery and Understanding of Assessment Data.

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