Strengthen Exam Integrity for Credentialing with Digital Monitoring

Protect the integrity of your exams and assessment data while administering exams anytime, anywhere.

It’s no secret: Cheating and integrity violations are some of the biggest challenges in administering both on-site and remote exams.

ExamMonitor is the technology-enabled remote proctoring solution that digitally observes exam-takers through video and audio monitoring during the entire exam. It provides an alternative to in-person proctoring/invigilation and confidence in the integrity of all your exams.

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Get an advanced remote proctoring/invigilation solution for large-scale in-person or remote exams

Software detects unusual behavior, sounds, and movements that could indicate a potential integrity breach 

A professional proctor/invigilator reviews video files and flags any detected irregularities, always giving the  credentialing organization the final review

Technology-Enabled Detection Provides Superior Results at a Lower Cost

ExamMonitor provides a comprehensive system for detecting and deterring academic dishonesty during in-person and remote exams. By using a technology-enabled system for remote proctoring/invigilation backed by human review, ExamMonitor provides complete exam security that requires far less time and effort on the part of assessors.

How It Works During the Exam

The candidate begins by logging in through ExamID, verifying their identity with our two-step authentication process that precludes exam-taker impersonation. The candidate must enter their username and password before taking a photo that is then compared to their previously set baseline image.

Once the exam begins, ExamMonitor’s remote proctoring/invigilation technology creates a continuous audio and video recording of the candidate using both webcam and screen capture. The recording is captured locally on the exam-taker’s device and provides a complete digital record of the candidate’s actions throughout the duration of the exam, giving exam administrators a full picture of the exam.

No WiFi connection is required during the exam. WiFi is only necessary to start the exam and to upload the final recording once the candidate has completed the test, eliminating connectivity issues as a possible point of failure during the remote proctoring process.

How It Works After the Exam

Once the test is completed, the exam footage is uploaded to ExamSoft for analysis and review. A technology-enabled system analyzes the audio and video recording and identifies any abnormalities in exam-taker behavior based on movement, gaze, or background noise.

An expert invigilator also identifies behavioral anomalies, providing test owners with a verified, time-stamped incident report.

Exam administrators can refer to this incident report as evidence if disciplinary action is required or dismiss flags as they deem appropriate. With ExamMonitor, administering remote exams becomes less time-consuming, more convenient, and more secure than ever.

Note: You must have ExamID to use ExamMonitor.

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