Deliver Secure Exams from Any Location

On-Site or Remote.

ExamSoft Works with Any Modality

ExamSoft’s computer-based testing solution enables certifying and licensing bodies to administer secure exams on site, in a remote setting, or a hybrid of the two.

Our platform provides a consistent assessment experience for exam-takers and gives test owners the confidence to deliver exams in any modality. No matter the setting, ExamSoft offers a suite of convenient assessment features:

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A More Controlled Testing Environment

Protect the integrity of your exams by administering them offline – from any location – with a platform that fully controls candidate devices.

Complete Device Control

All programs are disabled on exam-taker devices, including internet access, web browsers, screensavers, and software applications

Exam Session Insights

Exam-taker actions, such as copied and pasted text, text entries, time spent on questions, content deletions, and navigation, are logged and time-stamped

Exam Item Security

Exam administrators can randomize questions and answers so exam-takers aren’t encountering content in the same order

Advanced Integrity Options

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Verify the Identity of Each Exam-Taker

ExamID  prevents exam-taker impersonation with a two-step process to verify candidate identity.

  1. Unique Usernames and Passwords
  2. Photo Verification Technology

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Monitor Exam-Takers in a Remote Setting

ExamMonitor combines with ExamID for a complete exam security solution that identifies and and deters academic dishonesty, no matter where candidates test.

  • Continuously monitors video and audio throughout the assessment
  • Advanced software detects behavior that may signal academic dishonesty
  • All flagged incidents are documented and shared with course administrators for final review

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Exam Efficiency for Administrators and Candidates

Computer-based testing boosts efficiency for every step of assessment, but it’s especially valuable for administering exams in a remote setting. Rather than booking an expensive test venue, test owners can deliver exams from anywhere by sending them directly to candidate devices. Plus, candidates save the time and cost of traveling to a single location for testing.

With ExamSoft, exam-takers and test owners use one cohesive system for assessment, allowing for automated scoring that can save hours in exam review and provide immediate feedback to candidates.

Psychometric Data & Reporting

ExamSoft gives organizations access to actionable exam performance data — regardless of modality. With easy-to-understand measurements of test validity and reliability, assessors can quickly find opportunities to improve exam efficacy.

  • Item-level analysis of difficulty level, point biserial, discrimination index, and more
  • Average score and KR-20 value for each exam
  • Centralized item bank to make necessary exam adjustments

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