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Digital Assessment Platform for Credentialing

Streamline Your Assessment Process with Powerful Exam Software

Administer effective exams with the security you need, the efficiency you want, and the data insights necessary to improve exam quality  — all in one digital testing platform.

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Import exam items, build your question bank, and author assessments in one easy-to-use portal ents in one easy-to-use portal


Deliver assessments to virtually any device, administer exams offline for a secure testing environment, and score objective items instantly


Generate psychometric reports to determine exam and item quality, then make necessary adjustments from the centralized portal

What Sets Us Apart?

Cloud-Based Management

Our cloud-based solution takes care of the technical issues, freeing test owners and exam-takers to use the software seamlessly from any location, on any device.

Secured Exams

Our test-taking application, Examplify, completely locks down exam-taker devices. While taking a test, candidates are unable to access the internet, screensavers, or any applications that might enable them to cheat.

Immediate Results

Our assessment tools streamline the post-exam experience with instant scoring, and results are organized and visualized to expedite exam review.

Reporting & Analytics

Our built-in tools for psychometric reporting provide measurements to analyze item and exam quality, enabling test owners to improve the validity and reliability of their assessments.

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