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Host Credentialing Exams on a Secure Platform

ExamSoft helps certification and licensure organizations deliver secure, digital assessments from anywhere at any time. This flexibility offers efficiency to both test-takers and exam administrators, reducing exam-day expenses and stress.

ExamSoft provides certifying and licensing bodies control over the entire exam process, all while offering the highest levels of security and reliability. ExamSoft offers more comprehensive support for certification, licensing, and credentialing programs than basic online certification platforms by allowing exams to be hosted when and where the certifying organization needs them. Exams are administered on a secure platform that properly evaluates a person’s true knowledge and understanding of required course material.


We support many types of licensure and certification entities, including:


ExamSoft has a proven and long-running track record for administering state Bar exams with the highest level of platform security and stability available. With our easy-to-use testing application that operates offline without the need for WiFi, ExamSoft is the digital assessment solution that allows organizations to worry less about the logistics of delivering high-stakes exams.


For businesses and organizations that administer multiple exams or one-time annual exams for certification purposes, ExamSoft is the trusted platform that goes beyond professional online testing solutions. With a complete digital assessment solution, you can create a secure testing environment and generate superior assessment analytics to improve corporate exams.


ExamSoft has a wide range of solutions to help government agencies administer exams with the highest level of platform security and stability. Government programs get the comprehensive support to streamline the entire exam process — from exam creation and delivery to data collection and results analysis. ExamSoft provides the flexibility agencies need to host safe exams where and when they need to.

Making Certification and Licensure Exams More Efficient

ExamSoft offers easy-to-use functionality and added flexibility when it comes to organizing and administering credentialing exams, including certification and licensure. The user-friendly interface makes ExamSoft simple to implement and learn, so exam-administering organizations can start streamlining the process quickly.

  • Save time by easily importing all exam questions from a Word document.
  • Choose from various question formats, including multiple choice, true/false, fill-in-the-blank, essay, select all that apply, and more.
  • Exams are graded upon completion with customizable grading/scoring options.
  • Test anywhere, at any time, and on multiple devices without compromising security.

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Consistently Ensuring the Highest Level of Exam Security

Confidently evaluate performance data with scores that are a true reflection of the learning and understanding of required material. ExamSoft’s secure assessment platform ensures all performance data is accurate and reliable by protecting the integrity of every exam question.

  • The testing application operates offline without the use of a WiFi connection.
  • Added security features lock down the candidate’s entire device throughout the exam.
  • Screenshot capabilities are disabled on the exam-taker’s device to prevent the digital capture — and sharing — of test questions.
  • All questions and answers can be automatically randomized to prevent memorizing and sharing exam content.

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Advanced, Customizable Reporting Features

Advanced reporting helps certification and licensure programs review participant performance and share optional feedback and reports to both candidates and their learning or training institution. Achieve clear and actionable data insights that make it easy to see whether candidates are meeting the goals of the exam.

  • Analyze detailed performance data at the item, exam, applicant, section, and licensure levels
  • Monitor all performance metrics and share content-specific improvement rationale
  • Identify potential gaps in testing content and make corrections as needed
  • Review exam results quickly and distribute feedback to candidates faster
  • View built-in psychometrics to gain understanding of exam and item quality

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